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Our story

It started with two friends & an idea at 10,000 feet.

A Journey Beyond Luxury:
The Benz Experience in Jackson Hole


Nestled amidst the rugged grandeur of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, lies an adventure that transcends the ordinary; a bespoke travel experience that effortlessly marries luxury with the untamed spirit of the American West. This is The Benz Experience, a brainchild of three remarkable individuals: Reggie, Tony, and Michael, who have woven their deep-rooted connections to the region's culture, history, and landscapes into the fabric of their luxury hospitality business.

our story

The Mission is Clear

The mission of The Benz Experience is clear - to create deep, lasting memories for clients that go beyond a typical vacation. The team is committed to curating each activity, providing intimate conversations, sharing insights into the land's history, and ensuring every client departs with new knowledge and a sense of belonging to the land.

reggie benz

Reggie Benz, the founder of the company, has his own remarkable story deeply connected to the land and the Native American culture. Born in Lander, Wyoming, on a third-generation family ranch, boasts a heritage deeply connected to the land. Growing up on the family ranch, Reggie had the privilege of learning the Shoshone Medicine Man way of life from a revered figure named PeeWee, who taught him to respect nature and appreciate its blessings. Since Reggie started riding his own horse at age 3, he spent thousands of hours in a saddle next to PeeWee, listening, joining sweat lodge sessions on the ranch, and participating in sun dance ceremonies on the reservation land. His roots in Jackson Hole and his connection to the land have played a significant role in shaping the ethos of The Benz Experience.

michael humphrey

Michael Humphrey, one of the co-founders, has an equally compelling story to tell. His journey to The Benz Experience reflects a profound connection to Jackson Hole and the mountains he’s explored for decades.

A Jackson Hole local, Michael's life has been intertwined with the valley's landscapes, from its snowy meadows to the granite peaks. As Michael himself puts it, "My journey to the Benz Experience started when I was young. My family owned and operated the Bar J Chuckwagon in Jackson from 1977 to 2021. It was a western dinner and show that ran seven days a week all summer. We served between 75,000-85,000 customers every summer, where hospitality is the name of the game.”

Michael is not only an expert in the realm of hospitality but also brings a unique skill set to The Benz Experience. "Right out of High school I joined the Marine Corp. I spent 4 years in the Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, I served 2 tours in the middle east, 1 Iraq and 1 Afghanistan. Some years later I joined a Contract company where I spent and additional 3 tours providing diplomatic security at the US Embassy In Baghdad."

His multifaceted background in hospitality, combined with his local knowledge of Jackson Hole, and his experience in operations & security serves as a strong foundation for The Benz Experience and their clients. 

tony chambers

Tony Chambers, the owner and pilot of Wind River Air, brings a unique blend of history and local insight. Originally from Salt Lake City, Tony's upbringing was split between Salt Lake City and the vast landscapes near Pinedale, Wyoming. His family's century-old cabin near Pinedale served as an anchor, providing a deep connection to the land. His father and grandfather hailed from Rock Springs, nurturing in him the essence of the Wyoming way, where taking care of each other was more than a practice; it was a way of life. Tony’s sense of Wyoming translates into meticulous attention to safety and well-being, making sure that every client's experience is not just an adventure but a secure and meaningful memory.

The Benz Experience is not just a luxury hospitality business; it's a commitment to being an integral part of the Wyoming community. Beyond serving clients, the team aims to contribute to the well-being of local families through employment opportunities. They're enthusiastic about assisting local communities and supporting local nonprofits dedicated to preserving and protecting public land access. Their vision extends to local schools, where they plan to provide educational opportunities that allow students to connect with the land and the area's history.In summary, The Benz Experience is a testament to the deep-rooted connections of its founders to Jackson Hole, their commitment to offering unique experiences, and their dedication to honoring the landscape they call home. It's a journey beyond luxury, where the rich cultural and natural tapestry of Jackson Hole unfolds for those who seek an extraordinary adventure.

The name "The Benz Experience" embodies their vision. It's not just about luxury travel; it's about crafting unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for clients. The name symbolizes elegance, sophistication, and the promise of something truly unique. The logo, featuring a feathered, golden 'B' pays tribute to Reggie’s upbringing & Christina’s Native American heritage, symbolizing the power and connection to the land.“The feathers symbolize so much more to us. They’re a tip-of-the-hat to PeeWee and our past together, as well as to Christina, her tribe and all the tribes that originally inhabited this area of land throughout the Rocky Mountains. The feathers are very powerful tools and symbols to Natives for healing, ceremonies and reminder of the great Birds that see all and watch over the land.”

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